07 November 2007

harry potter & the magical muggle museum

On this Sunday, 11 November, from 12:30 to 4:45pm, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is sponsoring an event they're calling "Harry Potter and the Magical Muggle Museum."

Here's the description from the website:

"Designed for Harry Potter aficionados and novices of all ages, the afternoon, free with Museum admission donation, includes a potions class, a sorting hat, lectures by Hogwarts (and University of Pennsylvania) professors, a game of Wizard Chess with real people, Diagon Alley and Ollivander’s wand making shop, a tour of magical muggle objects on display in the Museum, grand finale concert appearances by The Moaning Myrtles and The Whomping Willows."

The event is created and sponsored by a group of students in an anthropology course ("Mythology and the Movies" taught by anthropologist Louise Krasniewicz) who are looking at "fan culture" and all the forms of excitement and creativity that it generates. As an academic event, it includes a tour of various "magical" objects in the Museum's collection - charms, amulets, and so on - that muggle have devised along with a talk by Peter Struck of Classical Studies Department about ancient incantations. The event also includes a talk by Mallory and Megan Schuyler about their upcoing documentary, "The Wizard Rockumentary,"

If you're interested in coming, the Penn Museum is located at 3260 South Street on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I don't know about all you folks, but I certainly plan to be there!