14 November 2007

veritas forum at upenn

For those of you in the Philadelphia area, especially college students and faculty, the Veritas Forum is occurring at University of Pennsylvania tonight through Friday evening. The overarching topic is "Reconciliation in a Divided World."

In a world marked by conflict, division and violence, is lasting reconciliation a possibility, or a romantic ideal? The Veritas Forum at Penn exists to engage the entire university in discussing and exploring together life’s hardest questions, such as these.

Tonight's speaker is the Honorable Mark Siljander, former US Congressman and Ambassador to the UN who currently labors as an emissary to the government of Sudan and the UN in Darfur. He'll speak on the topic of "Darfur: Resolving Conflict by Bridging the Muslim/West Divide" at 7:30pm in the Hall of Flags, Houston Hall (lower level & balcony) on Penn's campus.

Tomorrow night, Dr. Gayle L. Reed will speak on "The Power of Forgiveness: or 'What's So Good about Loving my Enemy?'" at 7:30pm in the Hall of Flags, Houston Hall (lower level & balcony) on Penn's campus. Reed is a psychiatric nurse, consultant, and educator, teaching at the University of Wisconsin who has developed a Forgiveness Process Model which has spiritual transformation as its ultimate goal.

On Friday, Dr. Miroslav Volf will speak on "Healing the Memory of Evil: Wisdom from the Abrahamic Faith Communities" at 7:30pm in Harrison Auditorium at the University Museum. A Muslim scholar (Carolyn Baugh) and a Jewish rabbi (Aaron Feuer) will each respond to Volf’s message. Volf is a professor of theology at Yale Divinity School and the director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture.

Each event is followed by a reception. For more information consult the UPenn Veritas Forum website.