24 December 2007

merry christmas to all

As we celebrate the feast of our Lord's nativity, I want to wish everyone a blessed season and a happy new year. I will return to blogging when the holidays are past.

In the meantime, may God's Spirit lead us to wonder anew at the strangeness of the event we celebrate: of the Creator of all things born of a virgin's womb, the One whom all the universe could not contain held in an animal's feeding trough, the mouth that spoke the cosmos into being suckling at a mother's breast, the hands that set the stars in their heavens clutching Mary's hair.

When the time had fully come, he who was rich beyond all splendor for our sake became poor - cold, helpless, homeless, marked by the scandal of a pregnant girl at first unwed, under the oppression of imperial power, subject to a wicked local regime, and forced to winter the night in a barn because of an emperor's whim.

He met us in middle our of own human ruin in order to bring us to a world made new. Let us remember and wonder at such a God as this.
Eternal God,
in the stillness of this night
you sent your almighty Word
to pierce the world's darkness with the light of salvation:
give to the earth the peace that we long for
and fill our hearts with the joy of heaven
through our Savior, Jesus Christ.