01 December 2007

world aids day 2007

Each day 6000 children lose a parent to AIDS somewhere in the world, creating a humanitarian crisis. Africa stands to lose an entire generation to AIDS where, in some pockets of sub-Saharan Africa, up to 20 percent of the population is infected with the virus that causes the disease.

On this December 1 - World AIDS Day - there are many sources online to raise your awareness about the global effects of HIV. Resources available from World Vision are a good place to start and provide also ways you can help the vulnerable who are most affected.

You might want to take a moment out today and pray for those who are affected by HIV/AIDS - those in your own local community, your church, your nation, and throughout the world. Following the Gospel, the church has often stepped up to care and pray for the sick and diseased, even when those suffering were alienated in some way from others.

World AIDS Day was started in 1998 to raise awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS on our world.