24 February 2008

school daze update

In a prior post I mentioned our process of discernment regarding where to send our daughter Claire for Kindergarten in the autumn. After prayers for wisdom, talking through the options with friends and family, doing some research, and considering our finances and the kinds of aid available, we decided upon the Miquon School for Claire.

It seems like a really great school that is pedagogically progressive, does a great job integrating subject matters with arts, music, hands-on learning, problem-solving, and the outdoors, giving structure and guidance while also respecting and nurturing children's creativity and imagination. Moreover, it has beautiful facilities with classrooms spread out among a number of light-filled, many windowed buildings that open out to their wooded multi-acre campus with a stream running through it.

Addendum (2/26): I'm even happier to have Claire accepted at a school we really like after reading this Chicago Tribune article: "Parents face cut-throat competition - for kindergaten."