29 March 2008

my girl

I haven't posted a story about Claire in some time. As she continues to grow up - she's now 5 and a half - she continues to become increasingly complex, in her vocabulary, emotions, and ability to think. Consequently, crafting an account of remembered conversations is now a daunting task.

Instead of providing a story tonight, I'll just post a few pics. This afternoon she and I took an outing together, running a few errands and hanging out down in Manayunk: going to a coffee shop, visiting various little boutiques, enjoying the architecture. Part of this was to give Laurel a break and part of this was to catch-up on some needed time with Daddy.

That's my confident little girl - who sometimes seems like 5 going on 15.

28 March 2008

news item

Christianity Today's blog provides the following report about Westminster Theological Seminary, here in Philadelphia:
Westminster Theological Seminary Suspends Peter Enns
Enns is Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Hermeneutics and has taught at Westminster since 1994. Enns is the author of Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament (Baker 2005).

This Board action comes in the wake of several other shifts in Seminary faculty and staff. In particular, Sam Logan - former President and Chancellor of Westminster - has moved on to Biblical Theological Seminary as "Special Counsel" to their President and as Professor of Church History. Logan had served Westminster since 1979.

Also, Westminster's Associate Professor of New Testament, Stephen Taylor, has accepted a position in New Testament, also at Biblical Seminary. He had taught at Westminster since 1996.

As the Bowie song goes, "Ch-ch-ch-changes."

23 March 2008

up from the grave he arose

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

22 March 2008

holy saturday

When the Word through whom the entire cosmos was uttered into existence at last fell silent upon the cross, his body was taken down, wrapped in cloth (as at his birth), and laid in a tomb. And in the utter silence of death, God spoke his saving Word into the Grave itself.

Hans Urs von Balthasar writes (from Mysterium Paschale, my translation):
Now for the first time, the Redeemer is a co-partner with the dead, or, better, with death itself, which makes of the dead the entire reality of dead human beings – this is the final result of the redemptive mission he received from the Father. His being-with-the-dead is an existence at the highest pitch of obedience, and because this One who is in this way obedient is the dead Christ, it constitutes a "cadaver-obedience" (Francis of Assisi’s term) of a theologically unique kind. By it Christ existentially measures all that is absolutely contrary to God, the entire object of divine eschatological judgment, here grasped in that event in which it is "cast down"...At the same time, however, this event measures the Father’s mission in its full breadth: this "exploration" of Hell is an event of the (economic) Trinity.

17 March 2008

st patrick from veggie tales

16 March 2008

concerning shariah

After the controversy that swirled around Archbishop Rowan William's remarks concerning Islamic shariah, Noah Feldman's NYT article "Why Shariah?" might prove illuminating.

Feldman is a professor of law at Harvard University and his article tries to move our understanding beyond modern Western stereotypes to a more historically informed consideration of Islamic notions and practices of law. I suspect those who are familiar with medieval natural law traditions will find some interesting analogies with shariah, despite profound differences.

14 March 2008

balthasar blog conference

For those of you interested in Hans Urs von Balthasar, next week will bring a Balthasar Blog Conference. The topic of the conference is Balthasar's theological interpretation of scripture.

It looks like there is a great line-up of papers covering a variety of topics in relation to Balthasar: biblical hermeneutics, the influence of von Speyr, aesthetics and revelation, interpretation of particular texts or biblical themes, and so on.

The blog conference runs March 17-25.

10 March 2008

philly beer week

Just a heads up for those of you in the Philadelphia area: we're in the midst of Philly Beer Week. Philly's been brewing beer for over 300 years, so there's good reason to think that we might just be America's best city for beer. Cheers!

04 March 2008

oh, the humanity

The disturbing and graphic photograph to the left is from the 1973 Sears Fall and Winter catalogue. A so-called "friend" was cruel enough to point it out to me.

This page, along with a number of others, appears online at Lileks.com as part of an ongoing series and commentary concerning the important and historic 1973 Sears publication.

When Laurel got home tonight I pointed the page out to her, having seen similar old, faded pictures of her as a four to six year old in the early 1970s. I was not prepared for the hyper-ventilating and whimpering that followed until I closed the web page.

It is my considered opinion that the DSM-IV manual has made a glaring oversight in omitting "post-traumatic fashion disorder" (PTFD) in its list of psychological maladies for which it provides diagnostic criteria. This is a serious phenomenon suffered by many of us who were children in the 1970s, subjected to double-knit, polyester, bell bottoms, leisure suits, garish plaids, and so forth. I'm surprised that Sears and similar organizations have not faced more lawsuits from victims of their misbegotten fashion experiments, especially as inflicted upon unsuspecting and innocent children.

The first step in addressing this issue, of course, is increased awareness and recognition of how damaging and widespread the problem truly is.

the numbers

Whichever candidate one might prefer, this year's drawn out primary season is certainly more entertaining political theater than we've seen for some time. As for the race between Senators Clinton and Obama, The New Republic provides some of the numbers that Hillary needs in order to truly begin a comeback. I suppose we'll see later tonight.