04 March 2008

oh, the humanity

The disturbing and graphic photograph to the left is from the 1973 Sears Fall and Winter catalogue. A so-called "friend" was cruel enough to point it out to me.

This page, along with a number of others, appears online at Lileks.com as part of an ongoing series and commentary concerning the important and historic 1973 Sears publication.

When Laurel got home tonight I pointed the page out to her, having seen similar old, faded pictures of her as a four to six year old in the early 1970s. I was not prepared for the hyper-ventilating and whimpering that followed until I closed the web page.

It is my considered opinion that the DSM-IV manual has made a glaring oversight in omitting "post-traumatic fashion disorder" (PTFD) in its list of psychological maladies for which it provides diagnostic criteria. This is a serious phenomenon suffered by many of us who were children in the 1970s, subjected to double-knit, polyester, bell bottoms, leisure suits, garish plaids, and so forth. I'm surprised that Sears and similar organizations have not faced more lawsuits from victims of their misbegotten fashion experiments, especially as inflicted upon unsuspecting and innocent children.

The first step in addressing this issue, of course, is increased awareness and recognition of how damaging and widespread the problem truly is.