01 April 2008


...ethos, theology, worship, ecclesiology, and mission - that is, renewing our denomination and tradition within the wider life of God's work of renewal in the church catholic and God's mission to renew the entire world in Christ.

Just a heads up for those who are interested. Talks from the 2008 "Conversation on Denominational Renewal" (which I blogged about below) are now available for download and listening online. All of the speakers are pastors serving God's people from within the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).
Greg Thompson of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia give the "Introduction" and spoke on "Renewing Ethos."

Jeremy Jones of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee spoke on "Renewing Theology."

Bill Boyd of All Saints Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas spoke on "Renewing Worship."

Matt Brown of Park Slope Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York spoke on "Renewing Ecclesiology."

And Jeff White of New Song Community Church in Harlem, New York City spoke on "Renewing Mission."
While all the talks are helpful, I've found Jeremy Jones's talk on theology to be one of the most helpful in naming and analyzing what seem to me perennial concerns in how we carry forward the project of constructive theology within a confessionally Reformed tradition.

So, load these talks on your mp3 player or computer and give them a listen.