27 June 2008

veritas & interventions

The Centre of Theology and Philosophy at the University of Nottingham in the UK is introducing two new book series.

Together with SCM Press, the Centre is introducing the Veritas series, which is designed to offer "incisive and original current scholarly work that inhabits 'the between' and 'the beyond' of theology and philosophy," both through monographs and through collections of essays from the Centre's annual conference.

Among the collections, two books are currently available: Transcendence and Phenomenology and Belief and Metaphysics, both volumes edited by Peter M. Candler Jr. and Conor Cunningham.

Among the monographs, two books are available: Theology, Psychoanalysis and Trauma by Marcus Pound and Tayloring Reformed Epistemology by Deane-Peter Baker.

Together with Eerdmans, the Centre is introducing the Interventions series, which will consist of two sorts of books: "(very) critical introdcutions" to thinkers such as Badiou, Heidegger, Žižek, Hauerwas, and Caputo, and a topical volumes on concepts such as naturalism, evolution, being, justice, poverty, and power. These books will "seek and perform tactical interventions" in matters of current discussion and debate, doing so in a way that "problematizes the accepted terms of such debates" and seeks to mediate between disciplines without surrendering theology's own indispensible contributions.

Among volumes currently available or immediately forthcoming are: Naturalism by Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro (published May 2008), Heidegger: A (Very) Critical Introduction by Sean J. McGrath (forthcoming September 2008), and Žižek: A (Very) Critical Introduction by Marcus Pound (forthcoming October 2008).