27 June 2008

westminster seminary update

Several reports online note that members of Westminster Theological Seminary's Board of Trustees have resigned in the wake of recent turmoil.

A comparison of the names attached to the 26 March 2008 "Statement" by the minority of the Board with the current list of Board members indicates that 8 out of 9 of the Board members who endorsed the minority statement have resigned, including the Vice Chairman (Peter Jansson) and Treasurer (Keith Mitchell) of the Board.

This development would seem to further consolidate the general direction of the Seminary under its current leadership.

For students worried about attending a seminary that is unsettled and in a seeming process of transition - or who are concerned that the direction of Westminster represents an unhealthy narrowing of vision - there are still some Reformed educational alternatives that maintain both a confessional commitment together with an engagement of tradition that remains creative, broad, and flexible. In particular, Erskine Seminary (Due West, South Carolina) and Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando, Florida) come to mind.