24 July 2010

As much as I try...

As much as I try to keep blogging, other things seem to keep getting in the way.

This past week brought cavalcade of distractions:

An auto accident that crumpled the front end of our Pontiac Vibe to the tune of $5600 in damages when I rear-ended a Ford F150 that was sporting a nice big heavy-duty trailer hitch.

A day at the body shop having the car looked at and talking to our insurance company, while trying to obtain a rental car for something close to our $25 per day coverage.

Nearly a whole day on the phone with HP tech support (the morning talking to India and the afternoon to Texas) before they finally agreed to let me send my randomly-shutting-down laptop in for repairs.

A half-day trying to figure out what's wrong with our oven, determining that the igniter is defunct, removing the tightly bolted-in igniter, and looking around online for a replacement part for something less than the nearly $70 that a local parts store wanted.

Transporting Claire to and from day camp interspersed at regular intervals, and doing that without a car until I got the rental.

There were some better moments, of course - attending a wonderful summer book club, a beer-tasting lunch with a former student, picnicking with church friends in Clark Park. And I did manage to submit a proposal for a conference this fall at Notre Dame, to work on a sewing project, to tend the garden, and to cook some good meals.

Today, I'm hoping to unwind a bit. Perhaps that will include some writing, maybe even blogging.