13 July 2010


My summer course ended a couple of weeks ago. Shortly after I turned in grades, my mother-in-law came for a 10 day visit. We had a fun time going to fireworks, as well as visiting Franklin Square, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute, various other sites, and several restaurants. Unfortunately, it was the hottest week in Philly in a quite a while, with several days over 100F. But we survived. She's now returned to Florida and my daughter Claire is in an arts day camp.

Claire had been signed up for a 6-week performing arts day camp, but it was canceled at the last minute, leaving us to scramble for some alternative forms of intellectual and creative stimulation. So we signed her up for a week at The Clay Studio on Old City, which we regularly visit on First Fridays among the other galleries and studios. We also signed her up for a week at the Abington Art Center, where I took art classes as a kid.

At any rate, perhaps now I will really get back to blogging!